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He hated it

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Q: Did Michael Jordans dad play baseball?
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How was Michael Jordans dad murdered?

He was shot

Did they ever find a body for Micheal jordans dad?

Michael jordans daddy

Who is in Michael Jordans family?

mom,dad who died, brother

Why did Michael jordans dad die?

He was killed in a car-jacking incident.

What was Michael Jordans dad name?

Jeffery Jordan

Who killed Michael Jordans dad?

Daniel Green and Larry Marting Demery.

Who killed Michael jodans dad?

Michael Jordans dad was killed by Larry Martin Demery at a robbery near Lumberton, North Carolina.

Did Tupac Kill Michael Jordans Dad?

upc is not responsible for mjs dad its impossible tupacs alot of things but he i not a killer

Why did Michael Jordan choose to play baseball after his first retirement?

Because it was his dad dream..

Did Michael jordans mom used to put him in front of a tv and turn on a game?

no because she didnt want him to be like his dad

Who is Micheal Jordans dad?

his name is Jim Jordan

What happened to Michael Jordans dad at 1993?

He was shot and killed while sleeping in his car by Larry demery and Daniel Green who were trying to steal the car. and that is what made Michael go back in 1994!

Which sport did Michael Jordan try after doing basketball?

Michael Jordan played baseball because his dad loved baseball

What happened to Micheal jordans dad?

He got shot in his car

Why did Derek Jeter want to play baseball?

Because he watched his dad play baseball growing up and he wanted to be just like his dad.

Who taught Mickey Mantle how to play baseball?

His dad

Why did Michael Jordan quit basketball and go to play baseball?

this question is best answered by watching the ESPN 30 for 30, titled Jordan Rides the Bus. His dad was killed, and his dad dreamed of him being a baseball player. After his dad died, he felt like basketball was pointless so he went and played baseball. He was pretty good, too.

What is the name of Aaliyah's dad?

the name Aaliyah's dad is Michael the name Aaliyah's dad is Michael

Who is Michael Jordan's dad?

Michael Jordan is a basketball and baseball superstar. His dad is James Raymond Jordan, Sr. who was gunned down in his car in Robeson County on July 23, 1993.

Who is Michael Jordan's dad?

Michael Jordan is a Basketball and Baseball superstar. His dad is James Raymond Jordan, Sr. who was gunned down in his car in Robeson County on July 23, 1993.

The early years of Michael Jordan?

He loved playing ball with his dad at first he loved baseball cuz his dad played it he was also interested in sports.

Michael Phelps Dad - where is he?

Michael phelps dad lives in Maryland, as a police officer!

Is Michael mom and dad die?

Michael Phelps Mom: Alive Dad: Alive

Why was Michael Jordan's father so influential to his life?

Michael always looked up to his father. His dad taught him a lot about basketball and baseball as a child. This is why he was so influential to Michael.

What sport did Jordan play after basketball?

Michael Jordan retired from basketball after his father's death. He went on to go try baseball because it was his dad's dream for him. However, eventually he went back to basketball.