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Yes he did this often when driving to the basket. It was a signature habit of his.

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Q: Did Michael Jordan stick his tongue out?
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Does Michael Jordan stick his tongue out?


Why does Michael Jordan stick his tongue out when he dunks?

He does to commemorate his father after he died

Why did Michael Jordan stick his tongue out?

he wanted to make his own signature shot there is no reason

Why does Michael Jordan show his tongue?

he likes to

What did michal Jordan do when dunking the basketball?

He used to stick his tongue out when dunking.

Why does Michael Jordan stick out his tongue when playing basketball?

I know my brother did that when he was concentrating when playing video games. I think some people do it when they're very focused. MJ may also be taunting his opponents.

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What is Jordans's most incurable flaw?

jordan, a chamber pot; makes noise when urinating; also called a thunder pot. Michael Jordan sticks his tongue out when he shoots a goal.

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His dunk never had a name. It was simply a windmill, although he would have his signature, "poke out the tongue".

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