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Q: Did Michael Jordan leave college after his junior year to join the NBA?
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Who was the first person to leave college early for pros?

michael jordan

Who was the first underclassman to leave college and play a major pro sport?

Michael Jordan

Why Michael Jordan leave baseball?

because he was weak

What year did Michael Jordan leave the wizards?


When did Michael Jordan leave the bulls?

June 14, 1998

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When did Jordan leave Nike?

Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and apparel owned and produced by Michael Jordan for the Nike company. Michael Jordan has no plans on leaving Nike as of reported on March 26, 2014.

Why did michael jordan leave the bulls?

to fill his father's dream for him to play baseball

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to old

When did Micheal Jordan leave basketball?


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He never left Nike, behind probably Tiger Woods, he brings Nike the most income for a single athlete that is a Nike Athlete. Although he retired, his Jordan lines continue to be a hot commodity throughout the Basketball world.

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