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No, he did not. Pippen won six NBA championship's; all with the Chicago Bulls (and Michael Jordan).

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No.He won all six with Pippin

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Q: Did Michael Jordan ever win a championship without Scottie Pippen?
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When did Michael Jordan and scottie pippen meet?

the had babies

Which player is a better perimeter defender Michael jordan oemr scotttie pippen?

Some people think that Michael Jordan is better than Scottie Pippen. Some people think that Scottie Pippen is better than Michael Jordan.

What is Scottie Pippen famous for?

Scottie Pippen is famous for playing alongside Michael Jordan, with the Chicago Bulls.

Who is the best player in the NBA?

Scottie Pippen's teamate Michael Jordan.

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live for iPod touch?

No the bulls legend is Scottie pippen

What is Michael Jordan blood type?

Michael Jordan: B / Dennis Rodman: AB / Scottie Pipen: A

What does Michael Jordan want to see?

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Who was on University of North Carolina championship team with Michael Jordan?

Michael jordan went to ucla in north carolina

What is Scottie Pippen known for?

Scottie Pippen is known for being a former professional basketball player in the NBA. He played for the Chicago Bulls and was part of many championship teams alongside Micheal Jordan.

Has anyone won the scoring title and a NBA championship in the same year?

michael Jordan did Michael Jordan did it 5 times

Was Michael Jordan the youngest player to win a championship?

No, it was Kobe

Where did Michael Jordan win his first championship?

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