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Q: Did Michael Jordan ever play for the Chicago White Sox?
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Who was the basketball player for Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan was the best to ever play for chicago

Who was first player to win 8 NBA scoring titles?

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls won 10 NBA scoring titles. Nobody has ever gotten that many. EVER

How was Michael Jordan successful by playing baseball for the White Sox?

After winning three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan surprised many people by retiring from basketball. He had always loved baseball as a youth. Fortunately, the owner of the Bulls also owned the Chicago White Sox MLB team. As a favor to Jordan, this owner brought Jordan into his baseball franchise. Jordan played on one of the White Sox's minor league teams. He did not do well enough to ever play in the major leagues, so he retired from baseball and rejoined the Chicago Bulls. His time in baseball was rather short.

Did Scottie Pippen ever win a championship without Michael Jordan?

No, he did not. Pippen won six NBA championship's; all with the Chicago Bulls (and Michael Jordan).

Who is the best basketball player ever to live?

Michael Jordan#23 of the Chicago Bulls

What major league baseball team did Michael Jordan sign with in 1994?

Michael Jordan signed with the Chicago White Sox in 1994 but never made it to the Major Leagues. Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons, a Chicago White Sox farm team. He batted .202 with 3 HR, 51 RBI, 30 SB 11 errors and 6 outfield assists. One of his teammates remarked that Jordan couldn't hit a curve ball with an ironing board. In fairness, have you ever tried to swing an ironing board?

What was the largest crowd to ever come see Michael Jordan?

The largest crowd to ever see Michael Jordan play was 62,046 people. The Chicago Bulls played the Atlanta Hawks on March 27th, 1998 at the Georgia Dome. Michael Jordan scored 34 points and led the team to victory.

Did the Chicago bulls ever lose a first round series of the NBA playoffs with Michael Jordan?


When did micheal jordan win his first nba title?

Michael Jordan won his first NBA title in 1991, after leading his Chicago Bulls to its first ever NBA championship.

When did Michael Jordan start his company?

michael jordan started his buisness in 1985 jordan shoes is the greatest shoe ever

Best record for the NBA?

The best record ever in the NBA was 72-10. This feat was done by the Chicago Bulls. They had Michael Jordan at the time.

Has Michael Jordan ever fouled out?

Yes, Michael Jordan has fouled out of at least 10 games.

Who was the youngest basketball player to win the finals?

The youngest basketball player ever to win a championship in the finals was ................ Michael Jordan 23 from The Chicago Bulls

Did Michael Jordan ever play center?

no Michael Jordan never played center. He played "G" and "F"

What was Michael Jordan famous for?

BasketballMichael Jordan is famous for playing basketball with North Carolina.Michael Jordan is also famous for being one of the best professional basketball players ever. He is best known for being on the Chicago Bulls. He helped them win 6 Championships in the 1990s.

Was there ever a Michael Jordan foundation?


How strong was Michael Jordan?

the strongest ever

What drugs did Michael Jordan ever use?

no he did not

Did Michael Jordan ever get suspended?


Did Michael Jordan ever have a disease?


Did Michael Jordan ever jumped and been off the ground for six seconds?

no Michael Jordan have been for 4 seconds

Which NBA team is the best in the league EVER?

Chicago Bulls from 1993-1999 Michael Jordan Won 6 Championships with them and was on the Best team in history

Why Did Michael Jordan's Dad Get Shot?

because Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever and they wanted to make him quit. "lakers"

Is Michael Jordan bald?

OK look Michael Jordan is bald don't you ever watch basketball dang or you can look on the internet and tipe in Michael Jordan pictures and you'll see that he is bald .l.

Who are the Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA, and were the third basketball franchise of Chicago, after the Chicago Stags and Chicago Zephyrs. The most famous person to ever be on the Chicago Bulls is Michael Jordan (played from 1984-1993 and came back to play from 1995-1999), considered to be the best basketball player of all time. The Chicago Bulls have six championships, all brought by Michael Jordan. The current starting lineup for the Chicago Bulls is Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Ronnie Brewer.