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He went to the finals 6 times and won 6 times

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Q: Did Michael Jordan ever loss in the finals?
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What was Michael Jordan's lowest scoring playoff game?

15 points It came at the New York Knicks in a loss. Game 2 of the 1989 Conference Finals. See the Related Link below for more information.

Which teams in nba finals did Kobe loss to?

The Detroit Pistons in the 2004 Finals and the Boston Celtics in the 2008 Finals.

Who said you expect a game like that every once in a while but not in the finals after a loss in the NBA finals?

lebron james?

How many points did Michael Jordan score in the 1992 finals against the blazers?

In the 1992 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers, Michael Jordan scored a total of 215 points, in 6 games. His average was 35.8 PPG.Michael Jordan in the Finals against the Blazers:Game 1 - 06/03/1992 ; (Win) - 39 points, 3 rebounds, 11 assistsGame 2 - 06/05/1992 ; (Loss) - 39 points, 5 rebounds, 10 assistsGame 3 - 06/07/1992 ; (Win) - 26 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assistsGame 4 - 06/10/1992 ; (Loss) - 32 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assistsGame 5 - 06/12/1992 ; (Win) - 46 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assistsGame 6 - 06/14/1992 ; (Win) - 33 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

What is the lowest amount of points Michael Jordan scored in a game?

He scored a low of 6 points while playing with the Wizards in a loss against the Pacers

Why did Michael Jordan quit NBA?

Michael Jordan once retired in 1993 because of citing a loss of desire to play the game and he later stated the murder of his Father Michael Jordan Sr. earlier in the year shaped his decision. But in 1995 Michael Jordan went back in the league. In 1999 with Phil Jackson's contract expiring, and the pending departure of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman looming, and being in the latter stages of an owner- induced of lockout player, Jordan retired for the second time. In 2000 Jordan went back in the NBA not as a player but as the part owner and Presidentials of Basketball Operations of the Washington Wizards. In 2001 Michael Jordan announced for his professional play with the Wizards. And in 2003 Jordan announce his third retirement and that was his last retirement.

What is the major league loss record?

100 by Jordan angel 100 by Jordan angel

Who did Kobe loss to in nba finals without Shaquille O'Neal?

bosten celtcis

Which basketball team has come back from a 3 loss in the finals?

Miami Heat

Worst loss in NBA finals history?

The Chicago Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 96-54 in Game 3 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

What event devastated Jordan's economy?

Jordan's loss of the west bank and eastern Jerusalem in the 1967 war with Israel devastated Jordan's economy.

What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

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