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Q: Did Mexico win the soccer game today?
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Who will win the soccer game between Argentina and Mexico today?

argentina. all the way matee.

Did mexico win the soccer game?


Did Spain win their soccer game today?

yes they did 2 1

Who would win in a soccer game Mexico or elsalvador?

Mexico should have the obvious advantage over El Salvador with their form and experience.

The aim of the soccer game?

The aim of a soccer game is to out score your opponent, therefore you win.

When is Mexico next soccer game?

aug 12 against united states in the Aztec stadium....Mexico gunna win

When is mexico's next soccer game?

aug 12 against united states in the Aztec stadium....Mexico gunna win

What was the soccer score of Mexico vs Brazil?

Mexico 2-0 Brazil mexco nice win

Is Mexico going to win today against south Africa?

The are favored to win.

Who is going to win in the game today?

Yes raiders are going to win the game

Why is teamworkimportant in soccer?

Teamwork in soccer is important so the team can work together and win the game.

When did Mexico win the sub-17?

yes they have bet Mexico and i went to the game

What is a soccer cheer?

a soccer cheer is a love of the game not just to win. soccer is a game the many people say the it is just fun.

Did the win the game today?

yes they did.

Who is expected to win soccer competition in the 2012 summer Olympics?

Brazil,Spain,Mexico, Uruguay,

How many points do you get for a won game in soccer?

3 points when you win

Did David Beckham win his first American soccer game?


How will you know that you win in soccer game?

You have more goals then the other team

How do you win on soccer games?

To win a soccer game, a team must score more goals, by getting the ball in the opposing teams net, than the other team.

Who will win today Mexico vs salvador?

of course el salvador !

What is the relationship between goal ball and soccer?

In the game of soccer, you win the game if you put the ball into the opponent's goal more often than the other team.

Who will win in the vikings game today?


What is the AIM in a soccer game?

The AIM of the game is to score more goals into your opponent's net resulting in a "win".

Who wins a soccer game?

first of all your not being spacific but my schools soccer team vs denvers soccer team my school would win PS i don't play soccer

Who would win in soccer Mexico or US?

USA won Mexico 10 time straight since 2000 and Mexico won 2 time only so USA wins

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What time does the soccer game start Mexico vs el salvador?

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