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No, it was apart of storyline for the Jeff/Matt feud.

Jeff's house did really burn down, but it was done by no specific person, it was just an accident.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-30 19:35:00
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Q: Did Matt hardy burn Jeff's house?
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Did Matt Hardy burn Jeff's House down?

No, it was apart of storyline for the Jeff/Matt feud. Jeff's house did really burn down, but it was done by no specific person, it was just an accident.

Did Jeff hardy house burn?

no hes in jail

When did jeff hardy's house burn down?

In March 2008.

Why did Jeff hardy house burn down?

The electrical wiring was bad.

How did Jeff hardys house burn down?

it was Matt trust me!

Who did actuelly burn Jeff hardys house Jeff Hardy's House Burns Down?

No specific person, it was an accident.

Why did Jeff Hardy's house burn down?

Nobody really knows, but it was an accident. No specific person did it.

Why is Matt Hardy in the WWE Alumni?

He asked for his release in the WWE around October 2010. He said it was because he wasn't going anywhere and he wasn't being used in the ring as he should have been. Also, when Jeff Hardy (his brother) and him had the feud and the writer's said he burnt Jeff's house down (which his house actually did burn down in real life), it hurt him a lot because Jeff and Matt are extremely close. After the 2nd release of Jeff, Matt wasn't the same. He is now working on a full-time wrestling debut soon, but nobody knows whether it is with the WWE again or possibly with TNA with Jeff.

Where can i burn Jeff Hardy's new entrance music?

In a Fire

Why do Jeff and Matt Hardy hate each other?

Jeff and Matt were good friends and brothers for awhile until Matt thought that people liked Jeff more than they liked him. Matt became jealous of Jeff and him losing his ECW Championship to Jack Swagger didn't help this. Jeff also gained the WWE Championship off a triple threat between himself, Edge, and Triple H giving him even more publicity. Matt's jealousy led him to supposively attack Jeff in a stairwell, mess with his pyrotechnics thus setting im on fire, run his car off the side of the road, and burn his house down killing his dog, Jack. This all lead up to the big fight at Wrestmania 25, Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in Extreme Rules. Fortunetly I got the pleasure of viewing Wrestlemania so I will give you the details. The match exploded right away into using weapons including a WWE poster and a trash can. There are three attacks that were the turning points in the match. When Jeff jumped of the top rope onto a table which held Matt under it on top of another table, when Jeff failed when he tried to jump twenty feet off a ladder to put a leg drop on Matt, and when Matt gave Jeff the Twist of Fate with his head through a chair ending the match. Matt was left to think he was the "Superior Hardy" and left Wrestlemania happy.

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