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Q: Did Martin Gortat play for Michigan State?
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What NBA team does Marcin Gortat play for?

Marcin Gortat plays for the Washington Wizards.

What college did NFL player Keshawn Martin play for?

NFL player Keshawn Martin played for Michigan State.

Can Michigan play Michigan state in the Rose Bowl?


What college did NFL player Mike Martin play for?

NFL player Mike Martin played for Michigan.

When did Tom Brady play for Michigan State?

Brady went to school at the University of Michigan and not Michigan State because they suck. He was at Michigan from 1996-1999.

What is the lions football state?

The Detroit Lions play in the State of Michigan.

What college did Plaxico Burress play for?

Michigan State

Where did Jason richardson play collage basketball?

Michigan state

Michigan state beat or lost to penn state?

Since 1993, Penn State and Michigan State play annually for the Land Grant Trophy. With Penn State's 42-14 win in 2009, Penn State has a 13-4 record against Michigan State in this rivalry. Michigan State's last win was in 2007.

Who did UNC play in the 2009 NCAA tournement championships?

Michigan State

Who won in the penn state vs Michigan football game in 1992?

Penn State and Michigan did not play in 1992. Their first ever meeting was in 1993 and Michigan won, 21-13, in State College.

Which conference did Michigan State play in before the Big Ten?

Michigan State previously played in the Michigan Collegiate Athletic Association which is currently the oldest of all collegiate leagues. Michigan State was then known as Michigan Agricultural College. In 1907 Michigan State became an independent and in 1949 announced that the school would be joining the Big Ten Conference.