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Maradona did not play in 1978 FIFA world cup . He was the captain of Argentina in 1986 FIFA World Cup.

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Q: Did Maradona play in both teams when Argentina win the world cup?
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When Arjentina won world cup?


Did Diego maradona used drugs?

Yes Maradona had used both cocaine at Napoli and ephedrine in the 1994 world cup.

Why does everyone say Mexico vs Argentina is a rivalry?

I think mainly of the world cup and there are both well known Spanish speaking countries and both very good football teams

How did DiegoMaradona and Pele influence soccer?

Diego Maradona and Pele influenced soccer for quite similar reasons. Both players were critically acclaimed at such a young age. At 17, Pele had already won the World Cup with Brazil. Also, both players were magnificent. Pele had sheer skill and speed and no defender could cope. Nearly everytime Pele recieved the ball near the opposition's goal, he would score soon after. Maradona could dribble past an entire team, twice. He had pure skill and awareness. His composure on the ball was unstoppable. Maradona also went on to manage Argentina in the World Cup 2010. However, in the 1986 World Cup, Maradona controversially handballed the ball into the goal, knocking Enlgand out of the World Cup. This had a huge blow on Maradona's reputation, but he is still known as a World Class player.

Which teams played FIFA World Cup finalists in 1982 and 1986?

Italy played the final in 1982 and won, and in 1986 it was Argentina, I think Germany were the loosers on both games.

What is the most total home runs by both teams in a World Series?

The most home runs both teams in the world series was by Toronto and Baltimore in the 1987 game.

Have wild card teams represented both leagues in the World Series?

In the 2002 World Series, both the Angels and the Giants made the playoffs as wild card teams.

Which team can win 2010 World Cup?

At the start of the world cup, the odds were leaning against Spain, Brasil, Argentina and England and now the final is played between Spain and Netherlands. Both teams has the potential to win but Spain has underperformed in the world cup.

What did Margaret Thatcher do for Great Britain?

In the war against Argentina over the Falkland Islands as both were claiming the island. And the Argentinan rulers were sure Britain would not be able to defend the Island as it is far from Britain , but the British Navy and the R.A.F had other ideas thet defeated Argentina, with their ships and jets. The anger is still felt by the Argentinan side at the world cups and a win for Argentina is considered a revenge over that defeat . It was clearly shown by Maradona in the 1986 world cup.

How are Pele and Diego Maradona alike?

Pele and Maradona were strikers, wore jersey number 10, both were leaders and scored lots of goals. Pele to me was a complete footballer. And better then maradona I feel Johan Cruyff was a better footballer.

What two continents are tied with having the most teams in the World Cup both with 53 teams represented?

It is Europe and AFRICA

How many teams have won both euro and world cup consecutively?


When did both of New York's baseball teams play in the World Series?


Who won the World Cup in 1988?

There was no World Cup held in 1988. The 1 in 1986 was lifted by Argentina The 1 in 1990 was lifted by Germany Both the teams mentioned above played each other in the WC finals in 1990 & 86 consecutively. What a coincidence!

Which teams have won the World Cup European Championship and the world cup?

Both France and Spain have done this.

Maradona in 1986 and Ronaldo fenomeno in 1998 who is better?

They are both great players and i think maradona and ronaldo are the same what do u think ? go on youtube and look at ronaldo clips

Who has held the world cup and copa America?

Brazil & Argentina have each won both tournaments.

Can both teams score in ice hockey?

Yes, both teams can score.

Why are Argentina and Brazil rivals in soccer?

Since the first match in 1914 till the last match on 28th Sept. 2011, the two football teams met each other 98 times, Brazil won 39, Argentina 35, Draw 24. Brazil scored 152 goals, Argentina 150 goals. , announced in 2010 that Brazil always proofed that they are the strongest and the best in football world ,and Argentina comes behind Brazil. And here is a comparison between both teams which clearly show the Brazilian supremacy Brazil 5 world cups, Argentina only 2. Brazil dominates all countries in the world with no exceptions (86 countries),but Argentina (70 countries) is dominated by Italy, Germany, England, Denmark, China, Cameroon, and other two countries. Pele is the best player ever by FIFA.

How many players are there on both teams in baseball?

There are around 25 players on both teams.

Did Germany or Argentina win the World Cup?

The question is not clear, both have won the world cup . West Germany have won three world cups, Argentina have won two world cups. The 1990 world cup final was between west Germany and Argentina. West Germany won 1-0 with a Andrea Brehme penalty.

Which country lost in both football world cup finals in the 1980?

It was West geremany that lost the two world cups to Italy and argentina.

Has any player ever played for both World Series teams in the same season?

Bengie Molina

Have both wild card teams played in the world series?

Once ... in 2002 when the Angels defeated the Giants.

Why do they add time in soccer?

either because both teams drew or both teams got no goals