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No in fact she messed up a lot of words.

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Q: Did Madonna lip sync the half time show?
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Did Britney Spears perform at a Super Bowl?

Yes, with: Aerosmith, N Sync, Missy Elliot, and Eminem.

How much did Madonna's half time show cost?

$15 million

How much was Madonna paid for the half time show?

9 million

Who is performing in the half time show in the 2012 Super Bowl?


How much money did Madonna make for the Super Bowl half time show?


How much did Madonna make for the Super Bowl half time show?

$10 million for the whole production from which Madonna received about $6m, based on information from an insider.

Who is singing at the Super Bowl in 2012?

Madonna at half time

Who will be performing at half time in BCS championship?

Madonna will be preforming.

Who is playing half time at the 2012 super bowl game?


Does Deuce Lip Sync?

No Duece doesnt lip sync half the time his mic is broke or he isnt holding close enough to his mouth

What time is the half time show on?

At half time.

Was lady gaga singing during half time with Madonna today?

No, Nikki Minaj, and Ceelo Green were.