Did M Vick drown dogs

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No, he made dogs fight each other. No where near did he drown them

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Sources say that electricity was used on the dogs and used on their genetiles. these poor dogs were abused for Vick's enjoyment. His genetiles should be electicuted!

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Q: Did M Vick drown dogs
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What breed of dogs is mostly abused?

Micheal Vick dogs

What stuff did Michael Vick do to the dogs?

Michael Vick hosted dogfighting tournaments, in which he forced dogs to compete to their deaths, and he also admitted to personally participating in the torture and killings of at least 8 of the dogs.

What has the author Vick M Barcelon written?

Vick M. Barcelon has written: 'To make disciples of baptized Catholics who are not yet Christians'

Do dogs get killed in films?

If Michael Vick was directing it.

What is a way to fight Arabs?

have Michael Vick kill there dogs

Do dog fighters steal their dogs?

just ask Vick

Who is better Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb?

dude totally Vick i hate him for what he did to those poor dogs but i have to admit he is a good QB but i still hate him

What is Michael Vick's religion?

Michael Vick is a born again Christian. He became this while in jail for dog abuse charges.

How many touchdows does mike Vick have?

he has as many touchdowns as the amount of dogs he killed

Why is Michael Vick going bankrupt?

He had to pay a lot of money for the dogs that he fought

Can dogs drown?

yes some do if they are lazy (really lazy) then yes they will

What is Vick's disease?

it where you are concontrollably drawn to dogs and you cant resist making them fight.