Did MLB always have playoffs

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Did MLB always have playoffs
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How many teams in each league make it to the playoffs in the MLB each year?

Every year, 8 teams qualify for the MLB playoffs. If you win your division, you make the playoffs.

How many games in MLB season?

162 and then playoffs

In what year was the Wild Card established for MLB playoffs?


When do the playoffs start MLB?

They start October 4th this year.

What MLB team has gone undefeated in the playoffs?

The MLB team that has gone undefeated in the playoffs were the 1976 Cincinatti Reds swept the Phillies 3-0 in the NLCS and then swept the Yankees 4-0.

What mlb manager has taken the most teams to the playoffs?

Billy Martin

Where can you watch the MLB Playoffs in London other than the Sports Cafe?

What mlb teams have come back from 0-2 in the playoffs?

1981 dodgers

What was the last MLB team to win the world series then miss the playoffs?


Who is the only MLB team to go undefeated through the playoffs?

Florida Marlins

What current MLB franchise has the longest drought not reaching the playoffs?

The Washington Nationals / Montreal Expos franchise has the longest current streak of seasons not making the playoffs. They have not made the playoffs since 1981.

What year was the wildcard first used in the playoffs?

The two leagues in MLB went from two divisions to three divisions in 1994. That would have been the first year of the wildcard but that was the year the players went on strike and the playoffs and World Series were cancelled. The first year the wildcard was part of MLB's playoffs was 1995.