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Yes, Holtz was head coach between 1999-2004. His 6 season record was 33-37.

1999: 0-11
2000: 8-4 and won the Outback Bowl
2001: 9-3 and won the Outback Bowl
2002: 5-7
2003: 5-7
2004: 6-5

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Q: Did Lou Holtz coach at University of South Carolina?
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Name the most recent past coach of the University of South Carolina?

Right now the coach is Steve Spurrier, but before him it was Lou Holtz.

Why did Reed Case leave Oklahoma State?

He accepted a position on Coach Holtz's staff at East Carolina University. He is the Director of Football Administration for the Pirates.

Who is the ole ball coach?

Steve Spurrier, current head football coach at the University of South Carolina.

Which super bowl head coach played quarterback at South Carolina university?

Dan Reeves

Who was the head coach for Notre Dame in 1992?

Lou Holtz. Holtz was head coach between 1986-1996.

What is Lou holtz record against the university of Alabama?

3-3. 0-1 as head coach of Arkansas, losing the 1980 Sugar Bowl. 1-1 as head coach of Notre Dame, winning in the 1987 regular season and losing in the 1986 regular season. 2-1 as head coach of South Carolina, winning in the 2001 and 2004 regular seasons and losing in the 2000 regular season.

What teams did Lou holtz coach?

Lou Holtz coached the New York Jets in 1976.

For how many years was Lou Holtz a football coach?

Lou Holtz was a football coach for a total of 33 years, beginning his career as an assistant coach. He began his roll of head coach in 1969 and finished in 2004.

What is the tar heels coach name?

University of North Carolina's head basketball coach is Roy Williams.

Who is Lou Holtz?

Lou Holtz is a retired American football coach and current college football analyst for ESPN. He won 249 games as a college head coach, which includes the national championship with Notre Dame in 1988. Holtz was also the head coach for the New York Jets in 1976.

Where did dean smith coach Michael Jordan?

only the greatest university, and first public university... The University Of North Carolina

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ray malavasi