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Q: Did Liverpool win the league without a englishman?
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Did Liverpool ever win the premir league?

liverpool never won the premir league

Who were the first team to win the champions league without winning their domestic league in the previous season?

Liverpool In 2005 it was man utd in 1999

Will Liverpool win the 2014 champions league?


Which team will win the premier league?


What year will Liverpool fc win the premier league?


Are Liverpool going towin the europa league?

No they are not going to win.

What trophies did Liverpool win in 1984?

League Championship,League Cup and European Cup.

How many league titles did bill shankly win with Liverpool?


When did Liverpool win their recent premier league?

Liverpool has never won the Premier League since its inception. They last won the old First Division title in 1990.

Who will win the champions league title 08 09?

I think Liverpool will win it this time. They have the squad to do it and they have proved that they do not need Fernando Torres to win matches. Well i am a Liverpool fan myself so :). Liverpool all the way babe!

What was the prize money for Liverpool winning the league cup?

The winners of the League Cup win £100,000.

What year was Liverpool's biggest league win?

In 1896 they won 10-1.