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yes 4 players witch cost Manchester United 80 million

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โˆ™ 2012-11-29 19:37:38
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Q: Did Liverpool give players to Manchester United?
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Did Liverpool FC give Manchester United six players following the Munich Air Disaster?


Did real Madrid give there best player to Manchester united after munich crash?

No, Manchester United played the rest of the season with reserve and youth players. Real Madrid did not give any players to Manchester United. That is a very strange rumour

How global is Liverpool fc?

There are Liverpool fans all over the world. To give you a sense of how many worldwide fans there are, a recent study said that Liverpool has the third most sold fake jerseys, behind Manchester United and Barcelona. Just goes to show how many people want a Liverpool Jersey (cause their fans but do not want to pay full price).

What is a good Manchester United gift?

Every gift, as long as it has the Manchester United logo, is brilliant. It is better than any other gift you could possibly give because Manchester United are the best club in the world.

How much money does Nike give Manchester united?

Absolutely nothing

Can you give me sample of word biased in a sentence?

The commentator was very biased towards Manchester united

Manchester United FC home game attendance?

Usually right around 75,000. Give or take a thousand!

Which newspapers are available to give the local news for Liverpool?

There are many newspapers which are available to give the local news for Liverpool. These newspapers include the "Liverpool Echo" and also the Liverpool Daily Post".

Why are everton and Manchester united playing at noon?

I think it is because of the same reason Everton and Liverpool played early; to give people less time to drink, therefore there won't be as much trouble during the game. I think they did this specifically with Everton and Man U because of the hate from the Everton supporters towards Wayne Rooney.

Why is mancherster united nicknamed 'red devil'?

Manchester United are called the red devils, because they wear a bright red jersey, and the always give the other team hell of a time.

How do you join Manchester United Academy?

Believe me i have been trying to get an answer to that question for almost month now.But i guess the chance that you will get selected for united is very thin.why don't you try for clubs who give youth players a chance like WestHam or Arsenal.Just onemore thing the chance of getting selected in these kind of teamsgets low if u are a GED over 17.

Why is Didier Drogba a diver?

Because he tries to get the ref to give him a penalty. He would probably score a lot more goals if stayed on his feet and took a shot, rather than falling down all the time. No one likes him. He plays for the worst team in the world apart from Manchester United. Barca and Liverpool all the way

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