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Yes, when LeBron James was a kid he admired the great Michael Jordan. Now he has changed his number to number 6 for respect of Michael Jordan's number. The NBA was going to say no one will ever be allowed to wear number 23 but they did not, but Lebron James still changed his number for respect to Michael Jordan.

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2010-08-30 00:30:35
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Q: Did LeBron James pick number 23 because it was Michael Jordan's number?
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Michael Jordans signature number?

Michael Jordan's signature number is 23.

What inspired lebron James to play basketball?

The person that inspired Lebron to play basketball is Michael Jordan because he is amazing. Lebron also took his number which is 23.

What was Michael jordans olympic jersey number in 1984?

He was number 9. He was always 9 in the Olympics

What is the total number of points scored in Michael Jordans NBA career?


What is the most well known jersey number?

I would say that its 23 because many great players have had that number; Michael Jordan, LeBron James, etc.

What was Michael Jordans numbers?

Michael Jordan's number was 23, for olympic dream team he was worn 9 and after the retirement he used 45 for quite some time..

When did the Chicago Bulls retire Michael Jordans number?

It was rtired as a sign of respect in the end of the year when Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls.

Is Michael Jordan's number retired?

yes it is retired throughout the NBA. That's why LeBron changed his number

What was Michael Jordans jersey number for the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23,45,and 12 on the Chicago bulls. He was 23 on the Washington wizards, and his U.S.A dream team number was 9

Who is LeBron James romodel?

If by ''romodel'' you mean role-model, LeBron James' role-model is Michael Jordan. Hence the number he wears.

What NBA players wear number 40?

Wheels mcthorn and Michael Jackson

What is Michael jordans basketball jersey number?

He wore the numbers 23 primarily, 9 for USA in Olympics, 45 and 12.

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