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Yes, he did.

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Q: Did Larry Bird won a National Championship?
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Has Larry bird ever won a championship in the NBA?

Yes, he had.

What teams did Larry bird beat in the nba finals?

Lakers once, Rockets twice.

Who played when the Celtics last won a championship in the 1985-1986 season?

Larry bird

How many championships were won by Larry Bird?

Larry Bird was a member of three NBA championship teams -- all with the Boston Celtics during the 1980s. Bird's championships were won during the 1980-81, 1983-84 and 1985-86 seasons.

In which years did Larry Bird win a championship?

Larry Bird won three NBA titles. All of them were with the Boston Celtics. They were won in the following NBA seasons:1980-81 Boston Celtics1983-84 Boston Celtics1985-86 Boston Celtics

What college won the first BCS national championship?

LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

Who is the only school in the sec that has not won a national championship in any sport?

Mississippi State has not won a National Championship.

How many championships did Larry Bird win?

Larry Bird won three NBA championships

QB when Alabama last won national championship?

Jay Barker was the QB when Alabama last won a National Championship.

Which NCAA basketball team won the first national championship?

Oregon ducks won the first National Championship in 1939.

Has troy ever won a national college football championship?

Yes ... Troy won the NAIA national championship in 1968 and the NCAA Division II national championship in 1984 and 1987.

Who won the 1960 national championship in college football?

Ohio State won the NCAA National Championship in 1960 by a SLAM DUNK!!!

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