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Yes but only for a double-header in the spring following the Basketball run to the NCAA championship game. He played first base and around 2,500 fans showed up (usual crowd more like 200). There is a Baseball card with him in a Sycamore uniform (I have one sealed if I can find it) . He got at least one hit in the DH and played several innings. I am thinking it was vs. Ball State, but not sure about that?

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he was overwhelmed by the size of the campus and number of students and dropped out.

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Yes yes he did

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Q: Did Larry Bird play baseball at Indiana State University?
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Did Larry Bird play for any other NBA team?

Answer Larry Bird was recruited to play for Indiana Hoosiers under Bob Knight, however he left IU before the season began. He never played a game for IU. After leaving IU he soon transfered to a junior college and then to Indiana state.

What is Larry Birds alma mater?

Larry Bird first went to Indiana, then dropped out. He then went to Indiana State where he played basketball at.

What colleges did Larry Bird and Magic Johnson attend?

Larry Bird attended Indiana State University. While Magic Johnson attended Michigan State University.

Did he play for KY wildcats Larry byrd?

No, Larry Bird played his college ball at Indiana State University.

What basketball player played at Indiana state university and then for the Boston Celtics?

Larry Bird

What college team did Larry bird play on?

Indiana State

Did Larry bird ever play basket ball for UKentucky?

No, Bird initially played for the University of Indiana before transferring to Indiana State.

Who was Indiana state university founded for?

Indiana University Bloomington was created in 1820.

When was Indiana State University created?

Indiana State University was created in 1865.

When did Larry bird drop out of Indiana State University?

Yes and No. He never played a game for Indiana University, but he was on the roster for 24 days before transferring to Indiana State University where he later led the team to the National Championship game against Magic Johnson-led Michigan State. He left because he was homesick and overwhelmed by the size of the school.

What state does Larry bird come from?


What state did Larry bird come from?