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Q: Did Langston Hughes Play any sports?
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When was Langston hughes oldest son born?

Langston Hughes did not have any children.

Do Langston hughes have any inventions?


How much did Langston hughes weigh?

Langston Hughes weight was never recorded as an adult. Neither was his height or any similar information to this.

Did Langston Hughes win any awards?

yes he did

Did Langston Hughes get any awards for his writing?


Did Langston hughes win any awards for his writing?


Did Langston Hughes have any feelings when writing poems?

No he was a hardcore man.

Did Langston huges have brother and sisters or either?

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Did Langston Hughes write any other genre besides poetry?


Did Langston Hughes do any musical plays?

Yes he did, for a year and 9 months.

How many siblings did Langston Hughes have?

Langston Hughes didn't have any children, But he marrid some girl name Cairre

How many of Langston Hughes' siblings were girls?

Mr. Langston has been recorded as to have not produced any siblings at all. You might want to check out the wikipedia article on Mr. James Mercer Langston Hughes, wich I will provide in the specified box for links.