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No. Quote from Wikipedia: "Armstrong had won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005, before being disqualified from those races and banned from cycling for life for doping offenses by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in 2012."

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Q: Did Lance Armstrong win all 7 of the tour de Frances with out using drugs?
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Does lance Armstrong hold the record for most tour de frances won?

He had, but they aren't counted any more. It turns out that Lance Armstrong had been using illegal drugs and methods to improve his performance.

Why would lance Armstrong wait until now to admit to using drugs?

Attention that he craves, he wants a reality show.

What was the biggest accomplishment of Lance Armstrong?

His January 2013 admission of using performance-enhancing drugs has got to be his greatest achievement to date.

Did Neil Armstrong ever do drugs?

There is no record of Armstrong ever using illegal drugs.

What Olympic athlete and 7-time Tour de France winner reportedly admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs?

Lance Armstrong

Should Lance Armstrong be legally accountable for his actions toward individuals that previously accused him of using performance enhancement drugs?

yes i think he should be accountable for his actions

Did lance Armstrong win the tour de France using steroids?

Apparently he did.

Was Lance Armstrong using steroids during his career besides when he had testicular cancer?

Of cousre!

What bicycle race did lance Armstrong win?

LA has undobtedly won plenty of races during his career, but he is most known for his wins in the Tour de France. He's been stripped of his titles though, due to having been found using illegal performanve enchancing drugs.

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i thought he stopped a few years ago but i heard he stopped for awhile then got back on them

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