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Q: Did Kurt warner score the last touchdown for the rams to win the Super Bowl in 2000?
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What was the score of Boltimore's first Super Bowl?

the score was 34-7 against the New York Giants in 2000

When did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl for the Rams?

That was Super Bowl XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans played January 30, 2000.

When was Melinda Warner created?

Melinda Warner was created in 2000.

Who won super bowl 2000?

The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV in the year 2000, defeating the New York Giants by a score of 34-7.

When was the last packers kick return for a touchdown?

Unless one team changes conference, this match up will never happen in the Super Bowl.

When was the last time St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl?

season of 1999, technically the game was played January 30, 2000 kurt warner was the mvp

In 1999 which quarterback was the named the NFL's Most Valuable Player?

Warner went from stocking grocery shelves in 1995 to Super Bowl XXXIV MVP in early 2000.

What Super Bowl is xxxiv?

Super Bowl XXXIV was Super Bowl 34. It occurred on January 30th, 2000 at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia. The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23 - 16. Kurt Warner was named the MVP.

What are the release dates for Animal Adventures - 1992 Touchdown Alaska?

Animal Adventures - 1992 Touchdown Alaska was released on: USA: 18 March 2000

Did the rams every win a super bowl?

They've won the Super Bowl once I believe, and it was January 30, 2000 of the Super Bowl XXXIV, winning against the Tennessee Titans 26-16.. I hope this helped

Who was the mvp of the 2000 Super Bowl?

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was MVP of Super Bowl XXXV, played January 28, 2001 (2000 season). Baltimore beat the New York Giants, 34-7.Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams was MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV, played January 30, 2000 (1999 season). St. Louis beat the Tennessee Titans, 23-16.----------

What football NFL team has the only five touchdown in year 2000?