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Q: Did Kobe go to a collage or university?
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What is the name of the college that Kobe Bryant played for?

He didn't go to collage

What collage did usher Raymond go to?

he did not go to collage or university he went strait into music busyness

Where did Galileo go to collage at?

University of Pisa

Where did neil Armstrong go to collage?

Purdue university

What Collage did Dwanye wade go to?

marquette university

What collage did Jimmy Carter go to?

University of Vermont

What collage did Edgar Degas go to?

University of Paris.

Where did rube goldberg go to collage?

university of california

What collage did Peyton Manning go to?

The University of Tennessee.

When did Kobe skip collage?

In 1996 following his high school graduation, Kobe was drafted by the NBA.

What collage or university did Aston merry gold go to?

Xavier's university for gifted kids.

Where did Walter Payton go to collage?

Jackson State university