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It's possible

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Q: Did Kobe Bryant beat Michael Jordan before?
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Who has been to more winning playoff games Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan's career field goal percentage is .497 and Kobe Bryant's is .455 .

Who is more great Kobe Bryant Carmelo Anthony or Michael Jordan?

its who is greater, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan and the answer to that is Michael Jordan, Kobe sucks donkey balls.

Who's better Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are the same

Who has dunked on Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan

How do you spell Micheal Jordan?

Michael Jordan. I wish you had waited for this answer before you left 30 questions that needed to be edited.

Who is the next Michael Jordan in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant

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it was Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Who was better Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?


Does Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are they friends?

they are friends

Is Kobe Bryant taller than Michael Jordan?


What records of Michael Jordan has Kobe Bryant broken?


Richest basketball player?

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.