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Q: Did Kevin garnett ever live in bloomington minnesota?
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What is a created name for a basketball player?

KG which is for Kevin Garnett the best player ever

Did Kevin Garnett ever win a championship?

Kevin Garnett won the 2008 NBA championship. He won it with the Boston Celtics, after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 2, in the NBA Finals.

Is Kevin Garrnett ever going to be traded back to the Minnesota Timberwolves?


Does Kevin Garnett think he has ever made any bad decisions in his life?

Yes, he talks about his behavorial issues in high school.

Did Kevin Garnet ever play for the Milwaukee bucks?

naw he played for the minnesota timber wolves

What are the two farthest north latitude cities to ever host a world series game?

Bloomington and Minneapolis (both in Minnesota) are the two farthest north latitude cities to ever host a World Series game.

Top 5 youngest player ever drafted in nba?

5. Tyreke Evans 4. Kevin Garnett 3. Jermaine O'Neal 2. Kobe Bryant 1. Andrew Bynum

Who is the greatest basketball player that ever lived?

Well, that is debatable. I personally think it is either Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but many different people have been suggested.

Who is the highest paid basketball player ever?

Kevin Garnett, in his still incomplete career, has accumulated $165,413,420,545,872,999,826 from his NBA salary. Someone else suggested Michael Jordan, who only accumulated $939,772,500 in his career. Jordan got like $36 million dollars in his last year, I don't think Garnett can touch that!

Who's the highest paid NBA player?

Kevin Garnett is currently (2009-2010) the highest paid player in the NBA with a record salary of $24,751,934. The highest salary ever was Michael Jordan's, who made over $30 million.

Who is the best quarterback to ever play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Fran Tarkenton is the best quarterback to ever play for the minnesota vikings

Was Kevin Garnett ever the highest paid NBA player?

At one point in his career he was. In fact, 6 out of the last 12 year, Garnett had been the highest paid player in the NBA (08-09, 07-08, 06-07, 03-04, 02-03, 01-02 and 2000-01). This is just his league salary, not endorsements (Adidas, gatorade ..etc.) However Garnett is not the highest paid player for a single season. Michael jordan was signed to a $33,000,000 contract for the 1997-98 season. Garnetts highest single season salary was $28,000,000.