Did Kevin Garnett fail high school?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Kevin Garnett did not fail high school. He transferred his senior year to a school in Illinois after being caught up in a controversy at Mauldin High School in South Carolina and was arrested.

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Q: Did Kevin Garnett fail high school?
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Where did Kevin Garnett go for high school?

Kevin Garnett attended Farragut High School in Chicago, Illinois.

What sports did Kevin garnett play in high school?


What high school was Kevin Garnett from?

Faragut Academy In Chicago, IL

What was the name of Kevin Garnett's high school basketball team?

Faragutt Academy

How many years did Kevin Garnett attend Mauldin High School?


How did Kevin garnett get in the NBA straight from high school?

Through the NBA draft.

Who is the Minnesota High School Basketball all-time scoring leader?

Kevin Garnett

Which college was Kevin Garnett considering?

he didnt consider going he went straight to the nba after high school

Was Kevin garnett a bad kid?

He wasn't a bad kid, but he ran with some bad kids in high school.

How many points did Kevin garnett average in the nba finals?

Kevin Garnett's career high in points for one game is 47 points

Does Kevin Garnett think he has ever made any bad decisions in his life?

Yes, he talks about his behavorial issues in high school.

Why must athletes have a college degree to play professionally?

They Don't! Example Kevin Garnett was signed to the minnesota Timberwolves right out of High School