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No. She got fired by Vickie Guerrero after Elimination Chamber, but she was re-hired the next week :)

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โˆ™ 2011-03-01 20:05:03
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Q: Did Kelly Kelly retire from the WWE?
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When will WWE kelly kelly retire?

Not for a long time.

Who likes Kelly Kelly?

kelly kelly from wwe is cool......................

Is kelly kelly a WWE diva?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva

Is Kelly Kelly returning to WWE?

It is unknown if Kelly Kelly will be returning to WWE.

Is Kelly Kelly in WWE 2012?

Kelly Kelly is in the game WWE 12.

What happened to WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

wwe diva Kelly Kelly got released from the wwe for a bit!

Is Kelly Kelly dating someone in WWE?

No, Kelly Kelly is not dating anyone in WWE.

Does WWE kelly kelly have a cousin in the WWE?

No she does not have any relatives that work for WWE

Is kelly kelly in WWE 2013?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a playable character in WWE'13.

What is the sexual orientation of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is heterosexual.

Who is kelly kelly from WWE dating?

WWE's Justin Gabriel

Is kelly kelly still on WWE?

Yes, she is still with the wwe

Where can you find WWE diva kelly kelly nude?

go to you tube type wwe kelly kelly nude

Why did she retire the WWE?


Is kelly kelly from WWE a christian?


Did kelly kelly quit WWE?


Is kelly kelly in WWE?


Does WWE kelly kelly have kids?


Is kelly kelly of the WWE pregnant?

No she is not

Do kelly kelly on WWE have kids?


Is Kelly Kelly from WWE pregnant?

No, Kelly Kelly is not pregnant.

What is WWE Kelly Kelly's Myspace name?

Kelly Kelly

When is WWE diva kelly kelly returning to WWE?

She has no plans of returning at this time.

Does WWE diva kelly kelly have facebook?

yes she has an official wwe facebook

Should kelly kelly from WWE and edge from WWE date?

Edge has a live in girlfriend and Kelly Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel