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Yes he did.

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Q: Did Karl Malone play in the finals with LA?
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What is Karl malone doing now?

Karl malone is at his house in Ruston la.

Where does Karl Malone live?

In la

How many rings does Karl Malone have?

none, he lost to MJ, and when he went to LA Lakers to win one, they lost in NBA Finals to Detroit

Where does Karl Malone live now?

In la

What year did Karl malone retire from the NBA?

Malone's final season in the NBA was the 2003-04 season with the LA Lakers. It was the only season of his 19 in the NBA that he did not play with the Jazz.

How many years did Karl Malone play for?

Karl "The Mailman" Malone play 18 seasons with the Utah Jazz, and one final season with the LA Lakers, before retiring from the NBA. In addition to that, he played 3 seasons of college basketball with Louisina Tech, where he worked on staff after his retirement from the NBA.

Which NBA teams has Karl Malone played for?

Karl Malone was a professional basketball player in the NBA. For most of his career he played for the Utah Jazz, and was a major star. He played his last season for the LA Lakers.

How did Karl Malone get his nickname?

Karl Malone got his nickname "The Mailman" from Hot Rod Hunley because "he always delivered". Karl Malone had his nickname "The Mailman" before he played for the Utah Jazz. He got his nickname while playing at Louisiana Tech from David Buice who announced the men's basketball games at La Tech.

When did Karl Malone retire?

Right after the 2003-04 season with the La Lakers:Don feb 13, 05 midseason

Who won the 1988 NBA Finals?

The Lakers won the NBA finals in 1988

Who won NBA finals 09?

LA Lakers

Who is won the NBA finals 09?

The LA Lakers.

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