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Yes he released in a statement that he was diagnosed with leukemia. He is getting treatment.

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Q: Did Kareem Abdul-jabbar has disease of leukemia?
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Are there any Celebrities who are affected by leukemia?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has leukemia.

Does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar still have leukemia?

i believe so.

What is leukemia describe it?

Leukemia in a disease in the bone marrow

Can Unwashed Fruits Make you have Leukemia?

No. Leukemia is a blood disease.

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LEUKEMIA IS NOT EXTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people have leukemia and many are also getting the disease!

Is leukemia an autoimmune disease?


What disease has the same symptoms as Lou gehrig's disease?


Why is leukemia important?

Leukemia is important because it is a form of cancer and it is a deadly disease.

Which leukemia is considered more a disease of later life?

Chronic lymphatic leukemia

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Dogs do not catch feline leukemia. Feline leukemia is the same disease as AIDS but in Cats.

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Well, leukemia is a blood disease/disorder, so your circulatory system. Leukemia affects your blood.

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I think leukemia is deadly if you are exposed to a huge amount of radiation.

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she has leukemia but her disease is that she lost function of her kidneys.

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Yes. It is the name of a disease. A disease is a thing. Therefore it is a noun.

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Leukemia is not a communicable disease Leukemia is only transferable via a blood transfusion, which is highly unlikely as the blood is usually tested for this!

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Leukemia is a disease which has been with human beings since the beginning of time. Leukemia was first diagnosed in the year 1845 by the Greeks.

what does Leukemia do?

The Leukemia foundation is an organization set up to research cures for Leukemia. They also provide care for families who have loved ones with the disease.