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yes he is on the browns with colt mccoy

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Q: Did Jordan shipley get picked by a NFL team?
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What team got Jordan Shipley in the NFL draft?

Cincinnati Bengals

What NFL team does A.Q. Shipley play for?

A.Q. Shipley plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

What NFL team drafted Justin Shipley?

No. 11 Cincinnati Bengals 2010

How do you go the NFL?

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Who is Jordan Shipley's girlfriend?

Hes single he has been for a long time. He has been in Tennessee for the NFL training. Rumor has it he has one there

What college did NFL player A.Q. Shipley play for?

NFL player A.Q. Shipley played for Penn State.

How much does NFL player A.Q. Shipley weigh?

NFL player A.Q. Shipley weighs 309 pounds.

How tall is A.Q. Shipley?

NFL player A.Q. Shipley is 6'-01''.

What NFL team does Jordan Gay play for?

Jordan Gay plays for the Carolina Panthers.

What NFL team does Jordan Kovacs play for?

Jordan Kovacs plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team does Jordan Matthews play for?

Jordan Matthews plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL team does Jordan Mabin play for?

Jordan Mabin plays for the Atlanta Falcons.