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Q: Did John Madden play football and coach and comment?
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Related questions

What football team did John Madden coach prior to his tv career?

John Madden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1969-1978.

What football team di John Madden coach?

The Oakland Raiders

What football team did John Madden coach prior to his career as a tv football announcer?

Oakland Raiders

Who did John Madden comment for?

John Madden first commented for CBS

When was John Madden Football II created?

John Madden Football II was created in 1991.

When did John Madden Football II happen?

John Madden Football II happened in 1991.

What years did John Madden coach the Oakland Raiders?

John Madden was linebacker coach for the Raiders between 1967-1968 and head coach between 1969-1978.

What year did John Madden retire as head coach?

John Madden retired after the 1978 season.

Who won the 1966 ncaa 1a football championship?

San Diego State University Aztecs. Coach: John Madden

Did john Madden invent football?


Who was the Oakland Raiders coach in 1976?

John madden

Why is John Madden the voice of football?

Because madden the game is named after him.

Who did john madden coach after raiders?

He didn't coach anywhere. He went to be a TV announcer.

What NFL teams did John Madden coach?

the washington redskins

What coach has five super bowl rings?

John Madden

Who created the game football?

john madden

When and where was football made?

It was made by John Madden.

Who is the famous person in football?

John madden

When was John Murphy - American football coach - born?

John Murphy - American football coach - was born in 1932.

What teams did john Madden coach?

Raiders he was a linebacker coach from 1967-1968 and the head coach from 1969-1978.

How old was John Madden in 1967 when he became coach?

When Madden took over as head coach, he was only 33 years old and the youngest coach in AFL history.Read more:

Why is John Madden so famous?

John Madden first became famous as the coach of the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League. He was an excellent coach, and his team won the Super Bowl in 1977. After his coaching career, he became a broadcaster for NFL games, and he was the top commentator on TV for 30 years. In addition, EA Sports created a football video game and named it after Madden. Madden NFL has been the biggest-selling video game in history.

Which Raiders coach has never lost an overtime game?

John Madden

Who was the coach of the opponent when the Steelers threw the Immaculate Reception?

John Madden

Which head coach in the NFL has the best win record?

John madden