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the answer is no. the answer is yes against zaragoza in 1995

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Q: Did John Hartson ever score a goal for Arsenal in a European or Uefa Cup Winners Cup final?
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What year did arsenal win the European cup winners cup?

1994, when they beat Parma 1-0 in the final in Copenhagen.

How many europa leagues have arsenal won?

None. The only European cups Arsenal have won are the European Cup winners Cup in1993/94, and the European Fairs Cup in 1969/70. Arsenal did reach the final of the Europa League (then called the UEFA Cup) once in 2000, but lost 4-1 on penalties to Galatasaray after drawing 0-0.

How many times has arsenal lost a European cup final?

Champions League: once, in 2006. UEFA Cup: once, in 2000. Cup Winners' Cup: twice, in 1980 and 1995.

How many times have arsenal won a European cup?

Arsenal have never won the European Cup or Champions League. Their best performance was in 2006 when they reached the final, but was beaten by Barcelona 2-1.

How many time did arsenal won european champion league title?

Arsenal have NEVER won the European Champions League. They have come close many times, most recently when they reached the final in 2006.

Player to score in the final of the European cup uefa cup and cup winners cup?


How many times have aresnal been champion league winners?

none hahahahaha stupid arsenal fan at least Chelsea made it to the final

Has arsenal ever won any European competition?

Arsenal have failed to win the Champion league uptil today, they reached the final once in 2006 , but lost it to Barcelona 2-1 was the score.

Did Jimmy Rimmer receive a winners medal for the 1968 European Cup Final?

Yes he did, although he no longer has it as I bought it at auction.

Who did aberdeen beat in the final of the 1983 European cup winners cup?

Real Madrid, 2-1 in extra time.

Who did Aberdeen beat in the final of the European cup?

Aberdeen F.C. have never won the European Cup - though they have won the European Cup Winners' Cup and the European Super Cup - both trophies were achieved in the 1982-83 season.

Who did Arsenal loose to in 2006 champions league final?

Arsenal lost the 2006 Champions League final to FC Barcelona. They lost the final 2-0.

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