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No, he was replaced by Emile Heskey who scored 0.3 goals in the semi final.

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Q: Did John Barnes play for Liverpool in the 1992 FA Cup semi-final?
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When was John Barnes the Captain of Liverpool?

John Barnes was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1996 and 1997.

What is the nickname for John Barnes ex Liverpool FC footballer?

John Barnes nickname is Digger, as in the Dallas character Digger Barnes.

What number did John Barnes wear at Liverpool?


From which team did Liverpool buy John Barnes?

They bought him from Watford.

When was John Barnes European Football created?

John Barnes European Football was created in 1992.

When did John Barnes European Football happen?

John Barnes European Football happened in 1992.

What year did Liverpool buy john barnes?

9th June 1987 for £900,000.

Which team did John Barnes play for?

John Barnes was noted for playing for Watford and Liverpool. He won the First Division twice and the FA Cup twice. He ended his career with Charlton Athletic.

Who are Liverpool legends?

Kevin Keegan Kenny Dalglish Ian Rush John Barnes Steven Gerrrard

Who was the last Liverpool player to win the Footballer of the Year award?

Apart from Steven Gerrard winning the award for 2008-09. The last Liverpool player to win it was John Barnes back in 1989/90.

Who was the best player in Liverpool?

I'd say John Barnes, Milan Baros was all right but bTorres was good until he left to Chelsea!

How many players have ever worn the number seven shirt for Liverpool?

The list Includes Kenny , Luis Alberto Suarez , john Barnes

Which player lost 3 fa cup finals with different teams?

John Barnes, who lost with Watford (1984), Liverpool (1988) and Newcastle (1998).

Is John Barnes Black?

Yes, John Barnes (footballer) is black.

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