Did Joe Neaton play for the Red Wings?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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No, he played for the Edmonton Oilers with Wayne Gretzky.

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Q: Did Joe Neaton play for the Red Wings?
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Where do the Detroit Red Wings play?

Joe Louis Arena

What is the name of the building where the Red Wings play?

The Joe Louis Arena

What colar does the Detroit red wings wear when playing in the joe louis arena?

In Joe Louis Arena, the Red wings wear their Red jerseys.

Did the Red Wings ever play in Cobo Hall?

No, but they currently play in Joe Louis Arena located next to Cobo Hall

The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit is home to what professional sports team?

The Detroit Red Wings of the NHL currently play at Joe Louis Arena.

What was the Detroit red wings first arena?

I'm a Michigan native(: The Red Wings home arena is called Joe Louis arena named after the boxer. It's a really nice building! Hope you can visit sometime! Hope this helps(: GO DETROIT!

What city does the Red Wings play?


What is the Detroit red wings stadium?

The Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit.

Who was the Red Wings' first opponent at Joe Louis Arena?

The St. Louis Blues defeated the Red Wings 3-2 on December 27, 1979.

What division do the Red Wings play in?

The Red Wings play in the central division.

Did Ken Holland play for the Detroit Red Wings?

Yes, He played goalie for the Wings

When did Eric lindros play with the Detroit Red Wings?

Eric Lindros was never a contracted player for the Detroit Red Wings.