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Yes, they both arrived at Notre Dame in 1974 and were on the same football team.

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Q: Did Joe Montana play with Rudy at Notre Dame?
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What was rudy's dream?

His dream is to play for Notre Dame

What year did rudy play for Notre Dame?


What college did joe montana play for?

Notre Dame.

What university did joe Montana play football for?

Notre Dame

Which university did Joe Montana play football for?

Notre Dame

What college university did Joe Montana play for?


What univesity did Joe Montana play football for?

Notre Dame

What college team did joe Montana play for?

Notre Dame.

When did Joe Montana play start playing for Notre Dame?

Joe Montana played with the Notre Dame Freshman team in 1974 and made varsity in 1975.

Did joe Montana play in the game rudy played for notre dame?

Montana was a first-year varsity quarterback and on the Notre Dame sideline during the team's final home game of the 1975 season. The Pro Football Hall of Famer caused a stir in 2010 when he told sports radio talk show host Dan Patrick that many of the events in the movie "Rudy" were fabricated by Hollywood. "It's a movie, remember. Not all of that is true," Montana said.

Does Joe Montana's son play college football?

Yes his son Nate plays an at Notre Dame

How many games did Joe Montana play at Notre Dame?

He played 454 games over 5 seasons.

When Montana was at Notra Dame did they play agains Oregon State?

No ... Notre Dame and Oregon State have met twice in football, the 2001 Fiesta Bowl and 2004 Insight Bowl. Both games were won by Oregon State. Notre Dame did play Oregon in 1976, Montana's junior year, but he was out that season with a shoulder injury.

What team has the most wins at Notre Dame stadium?

Notre Dame because they play their the most!

When did Moon Mullins play Notre Dame football?

Larry "Moon" Mullins played for Notre Dame from 1927-30

When did Notre Dame first play Michigan?


Does Austin swift play football for Notre Dame?


When did Joe Theismann play for Notre Dame?


What is the all time football record of usc vs notre dame?

Notre Dame has won 42 and USC has won 33.(There has been 5 ties and they did not play in 1943,1944 and 1945.) They play today (Oct. 17) at Notre Dame.

What team did Notre Dame play against in the 1925 Rose Bowl game?

Stanford .... Notre Dame won 27-10.

When did Notre Dame last play Army in football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the last time Notre Dame and Army met was in 2006 in South Bend. Notre Dame won 41-9.

Who did UGA play in the 1980 national championship?

Notre Dame

What position did Bobby Taylor play at notre dame?


Did Tim brown play at the university of Alabama?

No. Notre dame

What trophy does Notre Dame and USC play for?

The Jeweled Shillelagh

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