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There Mother died of Brain Cancer Before both of the boys were even 10 :(

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โˆ™ 2010-03-26 18:15:31
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Q: Did Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy's Mom and Dad die?
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What is the name of Jeff and Matt Hardys dad?

His name is Gilbert Hardy.

Show a picture of Matt hardy and Jeff hardy mom and dad?

buy the DVD compact of twist of fate wwe the hardys Matt and Jeff hardy stories. available at walmart or

Is Matt hardy's brother Jeff hardy?

yes matt hardy's brother is jeff hardy because they have the same dad and mom

Has Matt hardy bailed out Jeff hardy from jail?

No his dad did

Jeff hardy mum and dad?

what? but Jeff hardy still has a dad, but saddly his mother died of cancer when he was 9 and Matt hardy was 12.

Jeff and Matt Hardy's dad's full name?

Gilbert Hardy

What is Jeff hardys parents names?

dad- Girlbert mom- Ruby Moore Hardy (R.I.P in 1986)

Who is Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy's Mom and Dad name?

Their dad's name is Gilbert and their mother's name was Ruby

When will Jeff hardy come back 2010?

Jeff hardy is diffelinty coming back Wreslmania or Tlc in a ladder match and he wants he's oppenet to be Cm punk i now this because im Matt hardy son and Jeff hardy is my dad's brother. So Jeff and Matt will come back either at royal rumble 2011, wrestlemania 27 or somwhere at extreme rules 2011. Jeff hardy will take on Cm Punk but both of them will get beaten up by Nexus then Sheamus will interfer saying he wants a match with one of the Hardys.

Who won you quit match at backlash Jeff or Matt?

Jeff Hardy and it was a good ending as Matt said he wants to reform the Hardy Boyz as he was taped to a table, and brought his mum and his Dad into it then when Jeff was about to jump of a ladder through the table Matt said I Quit but after the match Jeff hit a huge leapfrog like legdrop through the table SO THE WINNER WAS JEFF HARDY

Is jeff Hardy's dad called gilbert Nero hardy?

Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy's dad's name is Gilbert Hardy. Jeff's mother, Ruby Moore Hardy, passed away when he was very young.

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardy father name is he still alive?

Their dad's name is Gilbert "The Legend" Hardy and yes he's still alive between 70 and 85

What is Jeff Hardys Childhood?

Jeff and his brother Matt's mother died when they were young and their dad had to go to work so they took care of each other and after their mom died they started doing exciting things and they had a lot of fun and they got really close but at the role ruble mat buttered Jeff and they weren't the hardy boyz any more they stopped talking and at back lash Matt apologized to Jeff and 3 months later Jeff use fired in a i quite match and he haz not come back but he said he might not and so Jeff is at home and Matt is still wrestling

What was Jeff Hardy childhood?

Jeff Hardy had a hard childhood with his mother dying of cancer Jeff was brought up by his dad only. The Rest of his childhood was full of fun and excitement with his older brother brother Matt hardy. Jeff and Matt have always dreamed of being wrestlers since they were at the age of 8 wrestle mania 4 on wwf. Does that answer your question ?? More information look on youtube!!!!

What do Jeff Hardys parents look like?

You can actually find out what they look like go to this link to see what what their dad looks like but to see their mom you have to go to google images then type in Jeff Hardy's parents

What is Jeff Hardy's mom's name?

Ruby Moore Hardy, and his dad's name is Gilbert Hardy?

Is it true Jeff hardy is going to be a dad?


Who did Jeff hardy live with as a child?

His mum and dad.

Is Jeff hardy a dad?

no Jeff hardy is not a dad,that baby he was holding that was named maryse was not his kid.that was one of his relatives kid.not his.Jeff hardy does not have any kids so far.he might in a couple of years with Beth.but not right now!

What does Matt look like?

Matt looks like his mom while Jeff looks like his dad

In which date did Jeff hardy birthday?

the day that I shagged your grandmother and your dad sucked my 22" penis

Litas babys dad isKane or Matt Hardy?

Lita never had a baby, it was all storyline. In the story it was Kane

Is Matt hardy big show's father?

Yes, it's true. Matt Hardy married The Big Show's mom in 2002 and is his step father No that is a flat out lie Matt is not married and big shows mother is still marriedvto big shows dad quit making up lies

What was Matt Hardy's child hood like?

Well, imagine you waking up on Christmas morning, finding out your dad got you a trampoline, taking it outsid in the spring, turning it into a wrestling ring with your brother, and doing things any normal kid does, such as: School, Parties, Wrestling and other things. All those things were the highlights of the hardys childhood.

What is the dad's name in the hardy boys?

Fenton Hardy