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Q: Did Jeff Gordon ever drive a green car?
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Did Jeff gord0n ever drive a ford in a nascar race?

Jeff Gordon never drove a ford race car

Has Jeff Gordon ever flipped?

Yes he has.

Did Jeff Gordon do any drag racing when he was a kid?

The only racing ever mentioned in Jeff Gordon's early years were quarter midgets and sprint cars.

Was Superman ever a sponsor on a nascar car?

Yes Jeff Gordon a few years back. Here I found a hood for you at look under Jeff Gordon

How many races has Jeff Gordon won at Indianapolis?

Jeff has won four races at Indy including the first cup race there ever.

What year did Jeff Gordon join Hendrick Motorsports?

Jeff Gordon's first race for Hendrick Motorsports was on November 15, 1992. He started to compete full time in 1993 and has been with Rick Hendrick ever since.

Did Jeff Gordon ever get hurt while racing?

Yes and no, he has had pain here and there but nothing that has stop him from racing for a race.

What was the first car Jeff Gordon raced in Nascar?

In 1994, Gordon collected his first career victory at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in the Coca Cola 600.

Has Jeff Gordon ever flipped over?

Jeff Gordon flipped over for the first time in 20 years in stock car racing in the 2012 Budweiser Shootout, but he has flipped in a rally car (as a passenger to Marcus Gronholm). Click on the link below to see the flip in Nascar.

Did Jeff Gordon ever have an award?

YES HE DID! i myself am a fan of Jeff Gordon and my entire room is themed to him. he won countless awards wich would take to long to announce. (i will try to get back to you on that) and he has neumorous sponcers includeing nicorret and dupont. zkjlvzdfvhlzdkfvz (that was my sister and i cant reach the delete key or the mouce) try this site it helped alot when i had to write a report on him.

Has Jeff Gordon won at Daytona?

Jeff Gordon has won 6 "point races" at Daytona, 3 of them were Daytona 500 wins, the other 3 were the 2nd Daytona race of the year. (Does not include the qualifying races) 7/1/95 - 2/16/97 - 10/17/98 - 2/14/99 - 7/3/04 - 2/20/05

Why did Jeff hardy get fired?

Jeff is the best wrestler ever