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The only racing ever mentioned in Jeff Gordon's early years were quarter midgets and sprint cars.

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Q: Did Jeff Gordon do any drag racing when he was a kid?
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Who is the crew chief for Robby Gordon?

Robby Gordon is currently not racing in any NASCAR series. In 2012, he only raced three times in the Cup Series.

Who had more wins in the 2008 season Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon?

Jimmie Johnson had 7 Sprint Cup wins and Jeff Gordon did not have any.

How many children did Brooke and Jeff Gordon have?

Brooke and Jeff Gordon did not have any children. Jeff is now married to Ingrid Vandebosch, they have two children, daughter Ella Sofia and son Leo Benjamin.

Does Jeff Gordon have the most money out of any Nascar driver?


Where did Jeff Gordon get most of his wins?

Jeff Gordon has 8 wins at Martinsville Speedway. That is the most he won at any track during his NASCAR Cup Series career..

When did Jeff Gordon record his 300th win?

Currently, Jeff Gordon has 87 Nascar Cup Series wins. The most wins by any driver is Richard Petty, with 200.

Did Jeff Gordon win any awards?

Yes, Jeff Gordon is a highly decorated NASCAR driver who has won numerous awards throughout his career, including four NASCAR Cup Series championships and multiple racing accolades such as the Daytona 500 and Southern 500 championships.

Was Jeff Gordon involved in any school clubs?

yes , chess club

Did Jeff Gordon come out of the closet and said he was gay?

Jeff is straight regardless of rumors. He used to enjoy his share of topless bars like any other red blooded guy before and between his marriages. Jeff Gordon is now married for a second time and has two children.

Did Jeff Gordon get any points deducted because of the problem with Jimmie Johnson's car at Daytona in 2012?

Yes, Johnson lost 25 drivers points and Jeff Gordon lost 25 owners points.

What does drag raceing mean?

There really is no meaning to drag racing other then it is a name of a sport that you race any type of vehicle down asphalt that is coated with prep (sticky stuff)

Does Jeff Gordon have any pets?

Yes he has 1 small dog, the dogs name is Valentino.