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The only racing ever mentioned in Jeff Gordon's early years were quarter midgets and sprint cars.

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Q: Did Jeff Gordon do any drag racing when he was a kid?
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Why is Drag Racing called drag racing?

This is only an educated guess, but back in the early part of the 20th century, the main street in any given town was referred to as "the main drag". Since organized drag racing grew from street racing, if you challenged someone to race from one intersection to the next, you are racing on the "main drag", thus "Drag Racing". Now why the street in town was called the "main drag", well, that is another question to be answered elsewhere. Old Skool Racer

Who had more wins in the 2008 season Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon?

Jimmie Johnson had 7 Sprint Cup wins and Jeff Gordon did not have any.

Does Jeff Gordon have the most money out of any Nascar driver?


How many children did Brooke and Jeff Gordon have?

Brooke and Jeff Gordon did not have any children. Jeff is now married to Ingrid Vandebosch, they have two children, daughter Ella Sofia and son Leo Benjamin.

Where did Jeff Gordon get most of his wins?

Jeff Gordon has 8 wins at Martinsville Speedway. That is the most he won at any track during his NASCAR Cup Series career..

What kind of sunglasses does Jeff Gordon wear?

Jeff Gordon wears a variety of sunglasses, as though he has no personal contract with any company, he usually wears Mosley Tribes.

When did Jeff Gordon record his 300th win?

Currently, Jeff Gordon has 87 Nascar Cup Series wins. The most wins by any driver is Richard Petty, with 200.

Was Jeff Gordon involved in any school clubs?

yes , chess club

Did Jeff Gordon ever win the Indy 500 or any other popular race?

Jeff Gordon has never competed in the Indianapolis 500. He has won three Daytona 500's in Nascar.

Does Jeff Gordon have any kids with his first wife?

No. Ella Sophia is is his only child to date.

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