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Yes, James Carroll Booker has a son

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Q: Did James Carroll Booker talk about having children?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Legend of James Carroll Booker III - 2005?

The cast of The Legend of James Carroll Booker III - 2005 includes: Kyle McCormick

Why did James Carroll Booker choose that career?

I do not think that James Carroll Booker "chose" a career as a pianist. I sincerely believe it "chose" him because of his innate genius. Perhaps at times he found solace in the music. Booker was a broken, tragic figure with the burden of being a genius. In the 1960's his lifestyle was considered by many to be more than flamboyant...was that lifestyle, alcohol and drugs an attempt to mask a deep hurt? Perhaps...but we are left with a pianist whose brilliance is only complemented by his raw emotion. James you left this earth only all too soon.

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