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Q: Did Jackie Robinson go to an all black school?
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What were Jackie Robinson's hobbies?

Jackie Robinson's were sports.just all sports!

What were Jackie Robinson's hobbies?

Jackie Robinson's were sports.just all sports!

What other sports did Jackie do?

Jackie Robinson was an all around athlete while in school, playing basketball, football, baseball, and track.

Did Jackie Robinson die in Brooklyn?

no not at all

What were all the teams that Jackie Robinson was on?

Brooklyn Dogers

How many hits did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson had a total of 1518 hits. This was a total number of hits in all 10 seasons he played.

Why was the number 42 retired by all teams?

Jackie Robinson

What are all the teams Jackie Robinson has been on?

The Monarchs. That's all I know.

What position did Jackie Robinson play in his rookie year with the dodgers?

Jackie Robinson played all of his 151 games in his rookie season (1947) at first base.

How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Robinson?

Baseball legend Jackie Robinson had four different siblings. Their names are Matthew, Willa Mae, Edgar and Frank (all last named Robinson as well).

What is Jackie Robinson's nine values?

I don't know what is all of Jackie Robinson nine values are but I will tell you some. There is Justice, Citizenship, Determination, Integrity, and Teamwork. This is all I know. That you for asking this question.

Do baseball players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day?

Yes, all players and coaches wear the uniform number of 42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

Is Jackie Robinsons jersey number retired from all of baseball?

Yes. They have retired the jersey number of Jackie Robinson.

What goals did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson wanted all race to be equal so they have the freedom they want. He also want to play baseball.

What do baseball Players Do On Jackie Robinson Day?

On Jackie Robinson day, players in the Major Leagues all wear the #42 on their jersey to honor a true hero and baseball legend.

How many hits did Jackie Robinson hit?

Jackie Robinson hit 1518 hits from 1947 to 1956, all in the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was at bat 4877 times, playing in 1382 games.

Did Jackie Robinson have a dad?

Jackie Robinson did in fact have a father... At first. One day his dad said he wanted to visit his brother in Texas. His dad left but never came back. Jackie and his family then moved to Pasadena California. Jackie ended up joining a gang called The Pepper Street Gang. A pastor from a church decided to help Jackie become a better person. The pastor was with Jackie all through High School and even College.

What year did Jackie Robinson go to Hawaii?

Jackie Robinson quit UCLA before graduating and went to Hawaii at the invitation of a semi-pro football team called the Bears. The season was cut short with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. In fact, in a biography of Robinson, it was said that they had to black out all the lights on the passenger ship, the Lurline, as they left the islands.

Why did Jackie Robinson choose to make a difference?

he belived that all colors can play ball

WHAT ARE Jackie Robinson life lessons?

All human beings are equal, and you can achieve anything.

Was Jackie Robinson an all American in football and basketball while he was at UCLA?

No.Jackie Robinson never did like football or basketball at UCLA.

How did Jackie Robinson feel about threats?

Jackie Robinson had a strong back bone, and threats did not get under his skin easily at all. Robinson faced a lot of adversity throughout his entire life, whether it be baseball or family struggles. If he cared about threats, he would have just quit, wouldn't he?

Why is Jackie Robinson important to everybody?

Because he is one of the most important baseball player's of all time.

Why did all the baseball players wear number 42 on April 15th 2009?

it was Jackie Robinson day

Where did Jackie Robinson changed baseball?

Jackie Robinson changed baseball in many ways1. he was the first African American to play in the major leagues2. he broke the color barrier in baseballnot only did he change baseball but he changed all sports