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Q: Did Jackie Robinson ever want to play for the Chicago Cubs?
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Did Jackie Robinson ever play against the cubs?


Did Jackie Robinson ever cheat on his wife and have other children?

did jackie robinson ever cheatonhis wife and have other kids

Was Jackie Robinson ever a slave?

No, Jackie Robinson was never a slave. No - he was raised in poverty but was never a slave.

Did Jackie Robinson ever wear a batting helmet?


Who was the best player in MLB to ever play in history?

jackie robinson

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Did Jackie Robinson ever play on a negro baseball team?


What are two essential conflicts Jackie Robinson had to face to achieve his achievements or goals?

Jackie Robinson had to overcome being the first ever Negro in the MLB

Is Jackie Robinson the best baseball player ever?

No, but he's one of the best

Did Jackie Robinson ever steal home at the polo grounds?

Yes, once. And I was there!

What year did the billygoat curse the cubs?

That was in 1909 and the Chicago Cubs have been over powered by the Chicago White Sox ever since.

Did Jackie Robinson ever play for anyone else besides the Doders?

he played for the cardinals