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No they did not.

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Q: Did Hawthorn and St Kilda afl teams join together in 1987?
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St Kilda railway station ended in 1987.

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When Shane Warne was a child did he want to be a AFL player?

He was an AFL player, he played for St Kilda in the under 19 reserves in 1987/1988

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west coast 1987, Brisbane 1987, Adelaide 1991, fremantle 1995, port 1997 swans were already a Melbourne team but moved to sydney sometime in the 80s

What number did Tony Lockett wear for the Sydney Swans?

Like many players before him, Anthony (Tony) Lockett wore many numbers over various seasons. He played 281 games throughout his career, and 183 of those games were with St. Kilda. In his first year, 1983, he wore the number 37. From the year 1984 until 1987, Lockett wore the number 14 jumper. Lockett wore the number 14 in the year he won the Brownlow medal, 1987. From 1998 until 1994, Lockett wore the number 4 jumper - a jumper that had been made famous by St. Kilda's only Premiership captain, Darrel Baldock. Balcock was Lockett's coach in 1987, 88, and 89 and was very close to Lockett. More information about the players from St. Kilda's past can be found at

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Lance 'Buddy' Franklin was born on January 30, 1987. He made his debut for Hawthorn at the age of 18, and six years later, aged 24, he is one of the superstars of the AFL.

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