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As of the 2008-09 season, no. Georgia Tech has been in two Final Fours, 1990: Lost to the eventual champion UNLV in the semifinals. 2004: Defeated Oklahoma State in the semifinals and lost to Connecticut in the finals.

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If you are talking about 1990 then yes they shred it with Colorado

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Q: Did Georgia Tech win a NCAA basketball championship?
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Who won the NCAA national championship in 2004?

Uconn beat Georgia Tech

How many SEC championships does Georgia Tech have?

Ga Tech won 4 National Championship these are the years:1917192819521990Thx,WildComet on Horse Isle 1

Which colleges in Georgia have NCAA basketball teams?

"There are several colleges that are part of the NCAA but not all of them participate in NCAA basketball. The ones I did find was Berry college, Emory University, Covenant College, Lagrange COllege, Oglethorpe University, Piedmont college, Augusta State College, Valdosta State College, Georgia College & State University, Georgia State College, and Clark Altlanta University."

What team in the NCAA has the nickname rambling wrecks?

Georgia Tech

What year did Texas Tech Lady Raiders win the NCAA championship?


Where did Paul Hewitt coach basketball?

Georgia Tech.

In 1993 MVP Sheryl Swoopes scored how many points in the Women's NCAA Championship game?

In the 1993 Women's NCAA Championship game, Sheryl Swoopes scored a record-breaking 47 points for Texas Tech, leading her team to victory. This performance is considered one of the greatest individual performances in the history of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

Is Georgia tech's 09-10 basketball season over?


What is the highest score in college football?

The record for the highest scoring NCAA football game ever belongs to a game played between Georgia Tech and Cumberland in 1916. The game ended with a result of 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech.

Who won the acc basketball tournament in the 2009-10 season?

Florida defeated Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS championship in Miami but it was for the 2008 season. Alabama won the national championship in 2009.

What year did GT win NCAA tournament?

Georgia Tech has never won the NCAA Tournament. They were second in 2004 and made it to the Final Four in 1990.

Who has shared a college football championship?

Georgia Tech and Colorado shared one in 1990.