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Q: Did England ever get 0-7 wickets in Bungladesh vs England in cricket?
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How many wickets did Wasim Akram get in ODI cricket?

502 wickets! in just 356 matches! He is the best bowler there ever was in the history of cricket!and remember he has a billion more in total in tests and t20's

The most wickets in a row ever in cricket?

Ken Cumming was a West Australian Fast-Medium Bowler who in Australian First Grade cricket in March 1944 took 5 wickets in consecutive balls.

How many wickets has Brett Lee taken ever?

Shane Warne has taken 708 wickets in Test cricket, 293 wickets in One Day Internationals and 20 wickets in Twenty20 cricket.

Have England ever played cricket in Scotland?

Yes England have played cricket in Scotland.

Where did cricket orignate from?

cricket started in England and is believed to be the first sport ever.

The first ODI match was between which countries?

The first official Test match was played on the 15 March 1877, between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia won by 45 runs. England won the second match (also at the MCG) by four wickets, thus drawing the series 1-1. This was not the first ever international cricket match however, which was played between Canada and the United States, on the 24th and 25th of September 1844.

Has a team ever won a match in the cricket County Championship without losing any wickets?

Lancashire did this in 1956. That's the only team to have done it.

Has Brian Lara ever bowled in test or one day cricket?

Yes, he has. He even has 4 ODI wickets to his credit. His best bowling figures are 2/5

Which countries played in the first ever international cricket match?

England and Australia

Countries contested the first ever International cricket match?

Australia and England

How many wickets has shahid afridi taken ever?

shahid afridi has 315 odi wickets

Who scores the first ever century in the cricket worldcup history?

Dennis Leslie amiss of England