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Yes He said it after he left the Dallas Cowboys about the previous year. Roy Williams knocked him out of a game against Arizona not long after.

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Q: Did Emmett Smith say he was a diamond surrounded by trash before he left the Dallas Cowboys?
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Who beat Barry Sanders rushing yardage?

Emmett Smith of the Dallas Cowboys.

When was Emmett Smith of the Dallas Cowboys born?

Emmitt Smith was born May 15, 1969.

Did a player by the last name Emmett play for Dallas Cowboys?

Yes his name is name is Emmit Smith.

How did Emmett Smith become famous?

Emmett Smith, a professional running back for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, first became famous when they won the Super Bowl in the 1990s.

What position did Emmett smith play?

running back for the cowboys.

What Dallas Cowboys player went on to play for the Washington Redskins?

It has happened many times. Among the Dallas Cowboys who have played for the Washington Redskins: running backs Calvin Hill and Duane Thomas, tight end Jean Fugett, defensive end Stephen Bowen and placekicker Shaun Suisham.

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Emmett smith. ex dallas cowboy

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Did Emmett smith ever live in the Bronx?

No, he was born in Florida, he went to college at the University of Florida then joined the cowboys. He never lived in the Bronx

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