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Yes Peyton did that's why he wears number 18

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Q: Did Eli or Peyton Manning take cooper's number when he could no longer play?
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What is Peyton Manning number?

Peyton Manning wears the number 18.

What number is Peyton Manning on the broncos?

Peyton Manning is number 18 on the Denver Broncos.

What number jersey is Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning wears the number 18.

What is Peyton Manning's official fan phone number?

At this time, an official fan phone number for Peyton Manning is unknown.

What Number Is Peyton Manning for the Indianapoolis Colts?


Who wears the number 18 for the colts?

Peyton manning

Who is replacing Peyton Manning for the colts?

No one replaced Peyton Manning. When he was released by the Indianapolis Colts, his number (#18) was retired so that no subsequent player could wear this number for the team.

How did Peyton Manning choose his jersey number?

His fathers number in college was 18.

Why did manning want to have the number 18?

His brother, Cooper manning, had number 18. he was a wide receiver and played with peyton manning in high school. he had potential but he got injured and never got to play again. peyton wanted to use his number since his brother never made the NFL.

What number was Peyton Manning in high school?

Newman High School in Louisiana

At which store can I locate the Peyton Manning shoes?

The Peyton Manning zigtech shoes are available at a number of locations. I do believe they are available at Wal-Mart. You could also check a store like SportsChek.

What were Peyton Manning's combined stats in college?

I'm not fluent in retard, but I'm willing to bet you were trying to ask: A: What was Peyton Manning's number in college? Or B: What was Peyton Manning's college? The answers to both: A: 16 B: Tennessee C: Learn how to type