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no he did not win a Stanley cup as a coach

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Q: Did Don Cherry win Stanley cup as coach?
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Stanley cup for don cherry as a coach?


How and when did Don Cherry got his Stanley Cup ring?

Don Cherry doesn't have a Stanley Cup ring. He lost to the Montreal Canadiens in both of his appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals (1977 and 1978) as coach of the Boston Bruins.

When Bobby Orr won the Stanley cup what team and coach did he have?

Bobby Orr won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins twice. With Don Cherry as coach.

When did don cherry coach Boston bruins?

when bobby orr scored the Stanley cup winner

Did Don Cherry win the Stanley cup as a coach?

No he never one the cup he made to the finals twice againt the Canadians

Does don cherry have a Stanley cup ring?


Did don cherry win a Stanley cup when he was a hockey player?


How many Stanley cup rings does Don Cherry have?


Did don cherry win a cup as a coach?

No, he was on the finals couple of times but never has won it.

Who was the coach when the Toronto Maple Leafs won their first Stanley Cup?

Dick Carroll was the coach of the Leafs when they won the Stanley Cup in the inaugural season of the NHL

Who was the Head Coach when Montreal won their last Stanley Cup?

Jacques Demers was the head coach of the Canadiens when they last won the Stanley Cup (1992-93 season).

Did mike milbury ever win te Stanley cup?

Nope, though he made it to the finals twice (1977&1978) under the coaching of Don cherry.

What NHL hockey coach has won the Stanley cup as a player and a coach?

Wayne Grtezky

Who is the youngest Stanley cup winning coach?

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The coach during the 1929 Stanley cup for the bruins?

Cy Denneny

Coach with the most Stanley cup?

Scotty Bowman. 9 cups

Who was the dallas stars coach when they won the Stanley cup?

Ken Hitchcock.

How many times did don cherry win the Calder cup?


Who was the coach of the 1972 Stanley Cup championship Boston Bruins?

Tom Johnson

Who will coach the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup?

Someone who has not yet been born.

Who was coach of 8 Stanley Cup winners Montreal Canadiens?

Toe Blake

Who was the coach of the 1972 Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins?

Tom Johnson

Who was the coach of the Stanley Cup Champion Ottawa senators of 1927?

Dave Gill

Who was the coach of the Stanley cup champion Ottqwa Senators of 1927?

Dave Gill

How long do players get to have the Stanley cup after its won?

Each player, GM, Coach gets to host the Cup for one day.