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Q: Did Dermott Brereton win a brownlow?
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When was Dermott Brereton born?

Dermott Brereton was born on August 19, 1964.

How many times did dermott brereton get reported?


What actors and actresses appeared in Commercial Breakdown - 2007?

The cast of Commercial Breakdown - 2007 includes: Dermott Brereton as Himself - Host

What actors and actresses appeared in More Than a River - 2004?

The cast of More Than a River - 2004 includes: Dermott Brereton as Host- Himself

Who was the youngest person to win the brownlow medal?

Youngest brownlow winner

Who will win the brownlow in 2018?


Who will win the brownlow medal this year?

gary ablett will win he has had a great year if not him dane swan

How many brownlow medals did Robert Harvey win?

2. 1997 and 1998.

What is the birth name of Dermott Downs?

Dermott Downs's birth name is Dermott Daniel Downs.

Why didn't Gary Ablett ever win a Brownlow medal?

Gary Ablett played his best football from a half forward flank and later at Full Forward. Most Brownlow Medallists play on the ball (ruck, ruck rover, rover or centre). It is extremely unusual for a key forward to win a Brownlow (Tony Lockett is an exception).

How many votes did Gelongs Jimmy Bartel get to win the Brownlow medal in 2007?


What has the author John Brereton written?

John. Brereton has written: 'Brereton; a family history'