Did David beckham live in Spain?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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David Beckham lived in Spain when he played for Real Madrid

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Q: Did David beckham live in Spain?
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Who has Scored goals in premiership Italy and Spain?

David Beckham

What country did David Beckham play in?

England, Spain, And the Us

What street does David beckham live on?

David Beckham lives on stratfield Lane Cheshire. Thanks

Did David Beckham ever win a league title?

David Beckham won league titles in England, Spain, the United States and France.

Which EPL team did David Beckham root for as a kid?

he rooted for Spain

Which celebrities live in London?

david beckham

Where did David Beckham used to live?

in a house

Where did David Beckham first live?


Where does David Beckham live in england?


Where did David Beckham live?

somewere in England obisly

Premiership players who have played in Spain?

David Beckham, Michael Owen and Steve Mcmanon.

Players who have played in England and Spain?

They are Michael Owen, David Beckham, Steve McMahon.