Did David Thompson baby cradle dunk?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: Did David Thompson baby cradle dunk?
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Who participated in the 1997 slam dunk contest?

On January 27, 1976 at McNichols Sports Arena during halftime of the 1976 ABA All Star Game the first-ever Slam Dunk Contest was held, which was won by Julius Erving of the New York Nets over David Thompson of the Denver Nuggets, Artis Gilmore of the Kentucky Colonels, and George Gervin and Larry Kenon of the San Antonio Spurs. There was a format each competitor had to follow in which they must attempt 5 dunks in a row under two minutes. One from a standing position, one from a distance of ten feet away from the basket (which is basically the bottom of the semi circle that surrounds the free throw line in the Key. The next 3 were freelance positions, one coming in from the left side of the basket, one coming in from the right side of the basket and finally from either corner down the baseline to the basket. They were judged on artistic ability, imagination, body flow as well as fan response.Artis Gilmore went first followed by George Gervin, Larry Kenon, David Thompson and finally Julius Erving. George Gervin and David Thompson both missed a dunk during their routines which counted as a zero (scores were not announced to the audience). David Thompson did a 360 degree dunk to finish his routine. All competitors had to perform a dunk from 10 feet, but Julius Erving started marking his steps from the free throw line (15 feet away). He then completed a dunk from the free throw line.1976-1977 NBA Slam Dunk ContestThis was a season long event similar to 1977-1978 NBA Horse event. There were multiple competitors and Darnell Hillman won.

Did Julius Erving win the dunk contest in the ABA?

Yes. In 1976 the ABA held the first ever dunk contest. (It would also be its last since the ABA merged with the NBA following the 1976 season.)The contest was held at halftime of the ABA All Star Game in Denver, CO.The contestants were Artis Gilmore, George "Iceman" Gervin, David "Skywalker" Thompson, Julius and one other player. They all had to perform certain dunks and 1 freestyle dunk. David Thompson did a 2 handed 360 on the baseline and some other great dunks but Julius won the contest and performed his famous free throw line dunk. When the NBA brought back the dunk contest for All Star Weekend in Denver in 1984 Julius went up against younger players who grew up idolizing him. He came in 2nd to Larry Nance that year and passed the torch to the next generation of dunkers.

What is it called in basketball when a players hand is above the rim when the ball is slammed through the hoop?


What are some basketball dunks?

-Single Handed Dunk -two handed dunk -360 Dunk -360 one handed dunk -720 two handed dunk -720 one handed dunk -between the legs dunk -between the legs dunk one handed -backwards two handed dunk -backwards one handed dunk -windmill dunk -three throw line dunk You can also make up your own!!! THANKZ -Brenton Lowe :-)

How do you craddle dunk in nba 2k11?

First you need a player that has a high dunk rating, like Jordan. You can do a dunk in a game and possibly do a craddle dunk. Im not quite sure if there is a signature dunk that allows you to craddle dunk but you can try.

Can jj barea dunk?

definitely he can dunk

What dunk did Kobe Bryant execute to win the slam dunk contest?

900 degrees dunk

Will there be slam dunk 2 anime?

yes it will be Slam dunk 2 but am not sure about slam dunk 3.

What would be the best dunk to do in the dunk contest?

A 540 Double pump reverse dunk (dwight howard)

Can nate Robinson dunk?

yes he could dunk

How do you get dunk packages in nba 2k11?

You have to upgrade your dunk attribute and edit your player to select the dunk package you want.

What does Nike 'Dunk high' mean?

Dunk is the shoe model and high is how high the back goes, like in my opinion Dunk High's look best then "Dunk Low's" then Mids